Health Problems Associated with AC Overuse

In almost every place, the need for a central AC system has become mostly required during the summer season. However, there are a couple of health issues you’ve got to be wary of despite the relief it provides on a hot day.

Aside from regular Air Conditioning Repair, you’ve got to consider these potential health problems before you keep your AC system running all the time.

Though overexposure to the AC system itself isn’t associated with actual health issues, regular exposure can contribute to indoor discomfort for different reasons.

Here is a couple of common health problems linked to AC overuse.

Worsened Ear Irritations and Allergies

Operating your AC system continuously can worsen your symptoms if you suffer from allergies during the summer season. This is especially true if your Ac hasn’t been cleaned regularly. Aside from that, mold can gather in the folds of the ears of a person if it is circulating in the air. This will cause them to dry out and bleed. Furthermore, a couple of low-quality AC systems produce sounds that can possibly contribute to hearing damage.

Heat Intolerance

It might cause you to suffer heat intolerance if you spend a lot of hours in an air-conditioned house. For those who don’t know, heat intolerance will make you feel tired from exposure to the heat of the sun. An individual who has spent a lot of time in an air conditioned area might often experience heat stroke, difficulty breathing, headaches, and dizziness.

Colds and Other Respiratory Problems

The mucus membranes inside your body will also dry out. According to a study, this can leave a person prone to fatigue, upper respiratory illnesses, and other diseases. To help balance the humidity in your house, you need to have a humidifier. However, you still have to ensure that it is installed by an expert.

Dry Nasal Passages and Dry Skin

Your skin will dry out if you are exposed to the central AC system for a long period of time. You can help lower itchy and flaky skin if you keep it cared for adequately with moisturizers. For those who do not know, air conditioned air can contribute to indoor comfort in the summer since it typically lowers the humidity inside. However, this will also lead to drier air passages and skin.

Indoor Air Pollution

According to several studies, indoor air pollution can often be much worse compared to outdoor air pollution. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, you might begin to suffer from breathing difficulty, dizziness, headaches, itchy eyes, or nasal problems if the air inside your house contains allergens or is circulated poorly. In severe cases, pneumonia and asthma attacks might develop. More severe illnesses might develop or your symptoms might become serious if the pollution within the house is allowed to continue for a long period.

Poor overall maintenance, dirty vents and ductwork, and dirty filters can cause your AC unit to release contaminants, such as mold, into the air in your house.

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