Common Bartending Tools to Have in Your House

You probably have found yourself creating cocktails at home more frequently with restaurants and bars shut down around the world. This may entail making new drinks or reaching for a couple of odd bottles. Also, you might be wondering what all those unique bartending tools are for. How do you utilize a juicer? Do you actually require a unique mixing glass? What about those bartending spoons?

Before you shop liquor and spirits online, here are a couple of things you should know about common bartending tools.


This is an easy gadget used to extract fresh juice from limes and lemons. You might also find bigger ones that are used for oranges. A juicer is easy to use since all you’ve got to do is squeeze the cut fruit. However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you want to maximize extraction, you need to put the lime/lemon into the juicer cut-side down.

Stirring Spoons

You do not require any tools if you are shaking a cocktail. All you need is a shaker. However, you need something to move around the ice if your making stirred drinks.

Long bar spoons offer two uses. First, you can use it to stir cocktails. Second, you can use it to measure small amounts of liqueurs or syrups. Ideally, a high-quality bar spoon is made for these tasks. They will also appear elegant. It is well worth having this one around if you often create cocktails at home. However, there are probably already sensible substitutes in your kitchen. A chopstick is great for stirring and a teaspoon is great for measuring.


Perhaps you can measure it without any tools if you are creating whiskey soda or Gin and Tonic. However, if you are making something more complicated, an accurate measuring tool helps guarantee to strike the correct balance and consistency.

For those who don’t know, jiggers are like small measuring cups for cocktails. Typically, they come with a huge and a small measure attached together in the middle. For cocktails, measurements in the range of 2 oz. – ¼ oz. is great. Also, you might want to have several various sizes. For extra versatility, a lot of jiggers have internal markings. Narrower and taller jiggers provide more accuracy.

Mixing Glass

You might want to have a mixing glass for stirred drinks. These are huge glasses that include a tapered lip for ease of pouring. Because of that, a mixing glass is a bit about style as well. You can use any glass as long as it is big enough to fit ice cubes and cocktail while stirring.


There are two types of shakers. This includes Boston and Cobbler. Boston has 2 components. It is a mixing glass and a shaking tin. On the other hand, a cobbler has 3 components. It is the small removable cap with strainer, a lid, and a shaking tin.

Usually, in professional bar settings, Boston shaker is much more preferred because of the speed required. However, you can also use it in your house.